Abraham is one of the sailors aboard the S.S. Comis in New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable. He is a member of the crew's manual labor force, along with Old Salt. Abraham is known to get drunk often.
New Friends 12

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Abraham has a long, scraggly beard upon his face, which is wrinkled and weathered. He wears a simple white undershirt and brown pants, along with black boots. He wears a red bandanna atop his white hair.


Not much is revealed about this character beyond his status in the crew and his behaviors. However, it is known that he is a menial worker in the crew who drinks too much. In fact, he is so consumed in alcohol, he neglects to attend Father Juniper's sermon and only mourns at finishing his bottle of hooch. He also cuts down trees in the grove along with Old Salt.


  • In rough sketches for the film, Abraham is sometimes shown as forcing alcohol down Wobbles' throat.
  • In early designs for Abraham, he is shown as wearing a tri-corn hat.
  • Because he does not participate in the sermon, he is either the only non-Catholic in the crew, or he is just too drunk too attend.
  • In the early storyboards, Abraham is the crew member who brings the dog onto Mauritius Island. Old Salt does this in the finished film.


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