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-Pippin Reed Thunder, Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo
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Alfred Parker is a character that appeared in early versions of Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients, but was cut out later on in the film's development. He is the husband of Dove Parker, owns Riding Crop Ranch, and is the father of John "Six Shots" Parker and William "Billy the Kid" Parker.

Physical Description

While no physical description or concept art for this character exist, it is suggested in preliminary documents that he would have dressed as an old farmer, but without a straw hat.


The father to both John “Six Shots” Parker and William “Billy the Kid” Parker, Alfred Parker was the founder of Riding Crop Ranch, located in Johnson City, Texas. He would typically do most of the farm’s menial labor, in spite of a goat head-butting him and damaging his brain. Extremely misogynistic, he refused to let his wife, Dove Parker, help him out, continuing to work the fields until he slapped a stubborn bull in the hindquarters. His famous last words: “Dang-gun-it!”



  • This character was created to give John Parker a family. However, Alfred was chopped out for being a pointless character. Only his wife, Dove Parker, remains in the finished movie.
  • This is the only character that has been cut out of a Mustache Maniacs Film Co. movie that is still a part of the official cinematic universe.