Alpha Team: The Movie is a never-released film based around LEGO's Alpha Team product line. It was conceived right on top of the initial release of The Adventures of Legoman, but was cancelled before pre-production formally began. This was mainly due to the eventful failure of The Adventures of Legoman, and the closure of in-house animation studio Brick Tales soon after.

Film DetailsEdit

  • Release Date: n/a
  • Running Time: n/a
  • MPAA Rating: n/a
  • Director: n/a
  • Producer: n/a
  • Writer: n/a

Plot SummaryEdit

As the film was cancelled along with the also-defunct Ghost Pictures before pre-production formally began, no script was actually written. As such, no plot line was officially formalized. However, preliminary information suggests that the film would be based around the first wave of sets from 2001.

Also, according to a press release, the film would be a film noir. Perhaps part of the reason the film was cancelled was because of the growing reluctance to cast LEGO's iconic group of secret agents into the world reminiscent of a 1930's crime drama.

Production HistoryEdit

While never formally announced, zealous for the project developed early in 2009 for an Alpha Team film, mainly to ride on the success of Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo and the then-in-development The Adventures of Legoman. However, just a few short months later, The Adventures of Legoman failed critically, killing Brick Tales, Ghost Pictures, and this film. A replacement for this film, Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, was announced at The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards on February 21, 2014.

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  • While this was not the last time Mustache Maniacs Film Co. attempted at making an Alpha Team film, it was certainly not the first. Several Alpha Team-based concepts and animations date from as early as 2002, when the Steven Spielberg Movie Maker set was still in use. All of these films are now lost.
  • This film was intended to coincide with the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fifth Anniversary Celebration.
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