Arrow is a minor character in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle. He betrays Alpha Team at the beginning of the movie, but is quickly killed by an unknown sniper. He originated in LEGO's Alpha Team line.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Arrow wears mostly black, with one yellow sleeve on his right arm. He wears a black bean hat on his head, has black hair, and a crooked frown. A small computer interface covers his right eye and a silver communication headset comes down across his left cheek.

Characteristics Edit

Arrow was a very mysterious agent who was very off-putting with the rest of Alpha Team. He was valued for his espionage skills, but liked to keep to himself. Eventually, when he revealed that he worked for Ogel, his violent nature was unmasked, though he was quickly killed after this instance.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Arrow first appeared in the 2004 LEGO Alpha Team sets as a new Alpha Team agent. He replaced Cam, who had disappeared from the theme that same year, as the team's mechanic. However, LEGO never developed this character, so his personality was never defined. He was only included in two sets: Ogel's Mountain Fortress and Mobile Command Center.

Trivia Edit

  • While he was never a traitor in the official Alpha Team story line, director Andrew Bermudez always saw this character as a traitor, considering has undefined personality and villainous expression. Therefore, he was given this role in the film.
  • He was one of four Alpha Team agents introduced in Mission Deep Freeze. The other three are Gearbox, Diamond Tooth, and Zed.

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