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Arthur Van Helbrick is a mysterious vampire hunter from the film Forest of Fear. He is hardened, focused, and always determined to the end. His background story will be told in the Project U film Van Helbrick and the Monster Fighters.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Arthur's face is worn with stubble and a red bandanna. In Forest of Fear, Arthur wears a flight jacket, a brown fedora, dark tan pants, and a belt with gun holster. In Van Helbrick and the Monster Fighters, Arthur has a black fedora, a dark gray shirt with knife belt, and brown pants strewn with a handkerchief. He always carries a dark gray crossbow.


Arthur is a very reclusive and secretive man. While his precision in hunting monsters never fails, he prefers not to talk about his past, as he feels that he has made mistakes that might cloud his thinking if he were to bring them back up. He is also always quick to respond to trouble in Howling Hollow.


  • This character is named after and inspired by the character of Van Helsing.
  • In the original script for Forest of Fear, this character was going to play a larger role. However, as the script was re-worked, his part was reduced to a cameo.


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