Astrid Dunham is the assistant of Dr. Wallace Bishop in the film Rift. She originally appeared in the canon of DINO ATTACK RPG as Dr. Wallace Bishop's deceased assistant.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Astrid Dunham wears her brown hair in a pony tail behind her head and wears thin glasses over her eyes. She commonly wears a lab coat to cover her blue dress shirt, though this coat usually doesn't extend far down enough to really cover her dark blue pants.

Characteristics Edit

Astrid Dunham is a very professional and scientific-minded scientist at Dr. Leinad Laboratories, in spite of the very pseudo-scientific research of alternate dimensions and bio-engineering that she partakes in with her lab partner, Dr. Wallace Bishop. Respecting her research, she strives to never make any careless mistakes, concerned that her fields of research, in the wrong hands, could lead to a great disaster.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Astrid Dunham started out as an unnamed assistant to Dr. Wallace Bishop in that character's backstory in DINO ATTACK RPG. In that story, she was like a daughter to Dr. Wallace Bishop, but an inter-dimensional accident and resulting laboratory explosion killed her, causing Dr. Wallace Bishop to fall into grief and insanity. Astrid Dunham was never seen or heard from during the actual events of the RPG itself, as it naturally took place long after the said incident.

Trivia Edit

  • In the end credits for Rift, this character is simply credited as Scientist, since she did not have a proper name when the film was released. However, the film's release did prompt RPG creator PeabodySam to give her a name.
  • According to the official canon, this character's backstory as featured in DINO ATTACK RPG happened in Dimension 525. The character seen at the beginning of Rift is the Dimension 418 version of this character.
  • This character is named after a pair of characters from the TV show Fringe: Walter Bishop's lab assistant Astrid Farnsworth and eventual daughter-in-law Olivia Dunham.
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