Basil is one of the hotel staff members in Mystery at Shady Acres who serves as the hotel's bellhop. He serves as the play's comic relief and always acts of service towards the hotel's guests.

Physical Description

Basil wears bellhop garments that fuse traditional hotel garb with Arabian attire, with gray and black strips running down the uniform. Basil's bellhop cap is all gray and he also wears a pair of sandals. On his face, he has dark eyebrows and a mustache.


Basil is a highly-enthusiastic bellhop that is always eager to help out hotel guests and follow the orders of the hotel's owner, Miss Henrietta Clifford. He is slightly naive, sometimes taking life at face value too much. When he is not serving guests, he likes to read and knit.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Basil was introduced in the Pioneer Drama Service script Mystery at Shady Acres as a bellhop with an undetermined ethnic background. There, he served a more generic bellhop role, with more characteristics added for the Cornerstone Thespian Society version of the character.



  • According to the official canon, Basil's legal name is Rajiahn Khulmaphaim. Basil is a name assigned to him by Beth Morgan, since no one working at Shady Acres could pronounce his real name.
  • Basil's hobby is knitting.
  • Basil is ethnically Persian.
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