Betty's Beauty Parlor is a business in downtown Xi'an in Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. In the film, Chang Wu uses the building as his command center.

Location Details Edit

History Edit

There is no conceived history for Betty's Beauty Parlor, as it was just inserted as a joke. However, judging by the name, it can be deduced that it used to be a beauty parlor run by a woman named Betty before Chang Wu took over the building as his command center when he seized control of the city of Xi'an. It should also be noted that during the Battle for Xi'an, this building was damaged, but was overall spared.

Characters of Residency Edit

The following characters are commonly found in Betty's Beauty Parlor.

Trivia Edit

  • As Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo was intended to be more ridiculous than it ended up being, this business was named Betty's Beauty Parlor just to be funny.
  • The design and shape of the structure was modeled after LEGO Town set 6566 Bank.
  • In the Project U-Build Play Set Adventures set 30007 The Battle for Xi'an, one of the included structures is Betty's Beauty Parlor. The building in the set features a target that, when hit by the tank's missile launcher, blows the building apart.
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