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Billy Lugosi is the mad scientist in Forest of Fear who is obsessed with creating a monster. In earlier versions of the said film, he was the main antagonist.

Physical Description

Billy Lugosi has a toothy grin and wears big glasses over his red eyes. His hair is stark black and is cut into a flat top. He wears an old black and white lab coat stained with chemicals, wears black gloves, and sports black pants.


Billy Lugosi is an obsessive mad scientist who dreams of one day making the perfect creature. He was originally a member of the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis, but left when his experiments to bring corpses back to life resulted in the hamster Black Bear growing fifty feet tall and destroying downtown LEGO City. He is narcissistic, thinking that everyone else is flawed in their low views of him, causing him to harass his assistant Igor. Because his creations usually cause destruction, he has no friends.



  • Billy Lugosi is named after legendary Hollywood actor Bela Lugosi, most famous for portraying Dracula in the 1931 movie version of Dracula. He also played some mad scientist characters.
  • This character's design is a composite of the mad scientist collectible minifigure and the mad scientist from set 1382 Scary Laboratory. However, the flashback in Attack of the Fifty-Foot Hamster uses the entire mad scientist minifigure from the Scary Laboratory set for this character. All of his later appearances use this new design.
  • Billy Lugosi's head is actually reversible, featuring a scary and demented face on the other side. This was going to be used in Forest of Fear, but was not used after re-writes removed scenes using that feature.