Boris is Shriff Aha's right-hand-man in Com 50 and 007. He helps his master manage the France Cal Pada Base, as well as recruit new guards from various thug bars.


Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Boris is very plain, with plain dark Cal Pada clothes and a plain face. He wears a construction helmet atop his head and safety goggles over his eyes.

Characteristics Edit

Boris is a very high-ranking Cal Pada guard who serves as Shriff Aha's second-in-command. The only guard who has any personality, Boris is highly paranoid of resistance from both within and without the organization. Ever since the beginning of the organization's plans, he was always cautious of a separate faction led by Boz French that he said would one day try to take over the group. After Com 50 destroyed the Iran annex base, Boris became obsessed with safety and would wear protective gear wherever he went. Despite this, he died in the destruction of the France Base, one that confirmed this guard's suspicions when Boz French swept in and took over.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is named after Boris, a secondary villain in the movie Goldeneye.
  • He was originally not planned to be in the film. He was created at the last minute to give John Stabe a character to play.
  • According to the official canon, this character knew Boz French follower Omar. Despite certain trust issues, they came to know each other very well.
  • In the film, Shriff Aha asks if Boris wired the technology that jams all of their firearms. According to the official canon, he did due to his mistrust of Boz French and as a safety measure.
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