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"Our faces will be in the papers!"
-Jake Raines, Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra
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Brickzo the Clown is one of Legoman's arch-nemeses and is the main antagonist from The Adventures of Legoman. He is a deranged former circus clown who turned to a life of crime, with his real name being Larry Thimble.

Physical Description

Brickzo wears a motley clown costume, with blue jeans and a brown belt, a maroon shirt that is too small and features flower patterns, and a messy green clown wig. His face has an expression of cunning and menace on it, with thick eyebrows and a thin mouth.


Brickzo the Clown is a menacing clown that commits crimes by using a wide arsenal of clown gadgets. These gadgets range from a rubber clown ladder and a tongue-twisting trick tulip to exploding golf balls and a machine gun that shoots rubber chickens. When he is not in jail, he always commits his crimes with his henchmen Lobo, Pogo, and Hobo. His real name is Larry Thimble.



  • This character originated in Andrew Bermudez's 2002 Legoman stories, where he was named Bozo the Clown.
  • This character is modeled after Cesar Romero's depiction of The Joker from the 1960's TV show Batman.
  • The reason that this character's name was changed from Bozo the Clown to Brickzo the Clown was because the producers did not want audiences to confuse this character for the real Bozo the Clown.


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