Cam Attaway is one of the main heroes in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle and is second-in-command of Alpha Team. She is typically depicted as a tomboy and originated in LEGO's Alpha Team product line.

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Cam Attaway wears small round reading glasses in front of her eyes and a headset over her face. She has black eyebrows, light lips, and purple eyeliner. Her hair is dyed dark red and is cut to hang behind her head. She wears a dark blue jumpsuit with the Alpha Team logo on the front, some pockets, and a belt that can negate the abilities of Ogel's orbs. Her pants feature her red color motif, even though they are primarily dark blue.

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Cam Attaway is one of Alpha Team's toughest agents and Dash's closest ally. Having been best friends for several years, they know that they can depend on each other to stop anything or anyone that comes in their way.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Cam Attaway started out as one of the secret agents in the video game LEGO Alpha Team. In that game, she is the motors expert and must be freed from a trouble tube in Ogel's Deep Sea Orb Factory in order to access her equipment. After freeing her, she becomes a playable character.

In 2001, she was featured in the LEGO Alpha Team sets. Between 2001 and 2002, she appeared in a total of three sets.

At that same time, Cam starred alongside Dash Justice in two comic adventures: Evil Music and Into the Deep. There, she reigns in Dash when he lets his cockiness get the better of him.

Trivia Edit

  • Her last name Attaway was unveiled in a minifigure characters section of the 2002 website.
  • The 2.0 version of this character for Project U uses 2001 Cam's head with 2002 Cam's torso, legs, and hair.
  • Cam was never featured in the 2004-2005 Alpha Team sets. The reason for this is that she was caught up in a web of intrigue during an investigation in Iran following the events of Com 50, as she does not appear in the opening sequence in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle.

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