Captain Bill Stewart is a high-ranking police officer in both The Adventures of Legoman and A Friend of the Police. He is very calm and collected, making sure to perform his job to the best degree, taking it seriously. He also fully trusts Legoman to help out on a case.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Captain Bill is a very smartly-dressed cop, wearing a dark blue captain's uniform with black tie and belt and a dark blue officer's hat with a gold badge. His pants are dark blue, but have no markings on them. He has cheek lines on his face, with thick eyebrows and a chin line for added interest.


Captain Bill is a serious police officer that puts work first, though he shows caring for his fellow officers. He knows what is best for them and makes decisions based on this knowledge. He was formerly Officer Max Denver's partner, whom he assigns to Chase McCain in A Friend of the Police. He also trusts Legoman's judgement.


  • This character is named after Highway Patrolman Bill from the LEGO City Center sets and the children's book Trouble at the Bridge.
  • When this character was redesigned and re-cast for A Friend of the Police, the new design is now the same as the policeman collectible minifigure.
  • This character originated with Legoman in the Legoman stories from 2002.


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