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Captain Miguel is the captain of the S.S. Comis in the film New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable. He is very considerate of his crew and of the dodos, but turns a blind eye to the destruction that he has helped cause.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Captain Miguel has a plain yet weathered face that is partially covered by a bushy mustache. His hair is a dusty brown, with an equally dusty brown tricorn hat atop his head. His coat is blue, with a light tan undershirt partially exposed. His sleeve collars are very large and exaggerated. His trousers are light blue, with white stockings and black buckle shoes beneath them.


Captain Miguel is undoubtly the most considerate member of the S.S. Comis' crew, which would explain his position as captain. He tries to treat those around him fairly, but this can sometimes lead his crew to cause destructive actions, which he turns a blind eye at.


  • When he is first seen up-close, he is carrying the Portugese flag; this indicates that he and his crew are Portugese.
  • Because he attends Father Juniper's sermon, this character is catholic.
  • This character is not featured in any of the film's original storyboards.


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