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Career Advisor is the main protagonist of the animated short film A Bite of MyJobs. She works at the CWEE Office at College of the Canyons and is apparently naïve about vampires. Her job is to instruct incoming students about how the internship application process works.

Physical Description

The Career Advisor is a tall and skinny woman with long arms, long legs that are covered up to the knees by a dark blue skirt, and a petite body. She wears a light blue dress and a dark blue band that keeps he hair in a bun. On her face, short strands of hair run over her ears. She has big green eyes, a small nose, a small mouth, and thin eyebrows.


The Career Advisor is a happy and enthusiastic employee at College of the Canyons who is happy to offer her advisement services to incoming students. However, she can sometimes be too presumptuous and naïve, thinking that any unfamiliar face in the office is a student looking for an internship.



  • In early versions of the film, the Career Advisor was actually called the Career Counselor. However, since College of the Canyons does not have career counselors, representatives of the CWEE department asked for the character's name to be changed.
  • In asset files for this character, the character's head and hair bun were two separate elements of the character's armature, allowing the hair bun to react to the Career Advisor's movement.
  • Unlike Dracula, whose design drastically changed during development, the design of the Career Advisor stayed generally consistent throughout the production process. The only exception was right at the beginning, since concept art for a male version of this character exists.
  • This character is modeled after Honda's now-defunct mascot, Mr. Opportunity.
  • Interestingly, this character's name is misspelled (it should actually be spelled Career Adviser). However, by the time the error was caught, many of the text assets were finalized and approved, leading to a canon change; the slight spelling error (Career Advisor) signifies this character and the correct spelling (career adviser) signifies the job position.