Private Carl Ryder is one of Private Joe Kilroy's friends and a U.S. soldier in Kilroy Was Here!. He is loyal to his friends and will do anything he can to help those he trusts.

Private Carl Ryder (center; in tan), with Kilroy and gals.

Character Details

Physical Description

Before he shipped out for Europe, Private Carl Ryder wore a tan garrison cap with a tan dress uniform, complete with tan neck tie. He usually has a cheerful expression on his face. In his army uniform, he wears a dark green helmet and green army fatigues. He always wears glasses.


Private Carl Ryder is a very loyal friend to Private Joe Kilroy and Private Leo Pickford, as he is always there to help them out. While he does not entirely trust those he doesn't know, he is able to gain someone's trust with time. While he also used to be squeamish around firearms, his time in the military has also allowed him to adjust to that as well.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Private Carl Ryder started out as a secondary character in the play Kilroy Was Here!. This play, originally written by Tim Kelly for the Pioneer Drama Service, was performed by the Cornerstone Thespian Society in 2005, thereby officially canonizing the story for Mustache Maniacs Film Co.. That explains his presence in A Future in the Past.


  • According to A Future in the Past, this character is part of the 9th Infantry Division.
  • According to the radio broadcast from the finale for Kilroy Was Here!, this character is canonically from Texas.
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