Charge is an Alpha Team agent from Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle and Alpha Team: Mission Deep City. He is a master of stealth and electricity and first appeared in the video game LEGO Alpha Team, as well as the LEGO Alpha Team sets.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Charge has black hair with black sideburns, a black goatee, and a long black mustache. He wears black sunglasses, a headset, black gloves, and a navy blue jumpsuit. This jumpsuit features the Alpha Team logo, a bold blue right sleeve, a white collar, and a belt with electrical components.

Characteristics Edit

Charge is Alpha Team's master of both stealth and electrical components. He can easily build and repair computers, move about without being seen, and is the most powerful member of the team. However, he is also completely emotionless, or at least pretends to be. This resulted from an absence from the team on his part in 2008, though no details exist about this time frame regarding Charge.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Charge originated in the video game LEGO Alpha Team as the team's electrical expert. He is found trapped in a trouble tube inside the Goo Caverns, but once he is freed, he becomes a playable character. Access to his equipment is also unlocked at this time.

In the LEGO Alpha Team sets, he appears in a total of four sets. However, in the 2004 sets, his appearance was changed to look more like Flex for unknown reasons. This change also switched his primary color to red. Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle reverted these changes back to the 2002 variant of this character.

Trivia Edit

  • There are no canon details that have been confirmed about the events of Charge's disappearance in 2008. All that has been confirmed is that Alpha Team, believing that Ogel was dead at this time, launched several missions around the world to look for him, all ending in failure. He eventually returned to the team in March 2009.
  • In the original script for Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, Charge was going to outright have an argument with Dash, which would have resulted in him going off to break into Ogel's Jungle Fortress himself. This was watered down in the finished film, as the producers felt that this made Charge too unlikable.
  • On the box art for LEGO Alpha Team, Charge is shown as having jet boosters built into his gloves. Neither the video game nor the sets' story actually feature this, and the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. cinematic universe considers this gadget non-canon.

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