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Chimp Family is the family of chimpanzees that appear in An Afternoon at the Zoo. They live in the World-Famous Budget Zoo and become victimized by the Rude Family. Their powers of magic and imagination are eventually used to escape the zoo.

Physical Description

All three chimpanzees have dark brown fur that covers their bodies, big light flesh ears, and light flesh faces and hands. The chimp dad has slightly darker skin and the baby chimp has a ruffled mess of hair on his head. Other than that, all three look identical.


These chimpanzees have been raised in captivity, but were once housed in Citrus Pass Memorial Zoo. One night, however, they were knocked out and stolen from their home and moved to the World-Famous Budget Zoo. They are miserable in their new home, but usually mind their own business. Using their powers of magic and imagination, they are able to punish the Rude Family and leave the zoo, making them happy.



  • The chimp family that is seen in the movie was designed by animator Megumi Tenaka. While director Raul Flores drew up his own design, it was deemed too unsympathetic by the producers, saying that "I would throw a cookie at him."
  • While these chimpanzees are able to use magic and the power of imagination in the official canon, how they got such powers and where were currently unknown. However, through a canon change, it was confirmed that their powers came from a toxic substance spill in their cage, due in part to the World-Famous Budget Zoo's poor safety standards.