Christmas Delights are holiday treats that Patricia Hooligans makes every holiday season. Patricia claims that the secret ingredient for the Christmas Delights are Metamucil Wafers and says that the treats are a staple in the Hooligans household.


In the Christmas of 1952, the newly-wed Inspector Idiot Hooligans was informed by his doctor that he needed to increase his fiber intake. Hearing this, his wife Durette decided to make some form of sweet treat that her husband would want to eat while also following his doctor's orders. With that, she created the original recipe for what she originally called Fiber Delights.

When she, her husband, and their son Porkins moved to America in the fall of 1960, Durette modified the recipe to use Metamucil Wafers as the primary source of fiber. Also, to celebrate their first Christmas in America, she changed the name to Christmas Delights.


Christmas Delights are meant to not only nourish the person eating them, but also to give the eater a fiber boost, whether they want it or not.



  • Although they are not seen, the Christmas Delights are mentioned in a one-off joke in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile.
  • There has been talk of creating a fully-functional recipe for the Christmas Delights, but the proposal has yet to be pursued, as no one at Mustache Maniacs Film Co. wants to buy a box of Metamucil Wafers for this one purpose.
  • Originally, the secret ingredient was going to be pot-holders, in reference to a Three Stooges short film. However, disagreements over this led to a script change that made Metamucil Wafers the secret ingredient.
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