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Col. Bow Wow is the main protagonist from the short film Night Guard. He is a guard dog at Dr. Leinad Laboratories who is diligent and not trusting, but is too fat to really move anywhere.

Physical Description

Col Bow Wow is a unique dog as he has attentive eyes, a long, sausage-like, head, a round nose, and floppy ears. His body is made up of rolls and rolls of fat, with his four legs sticking out underneath.


Col. Bow Wow, the result of a genetic experiment, is a semi-intelligent guard dog who never lets his guard down. As the primary guard of Dr. Leinad Laboratories' secret specimen vault, he doesn't trust anyone beyond his creator to get anywhere near the vault. However, as he is too fat to really move around, he is unable to chase down any intruders, not even the clumsy Willie Swipe.



  • Col. Bow Wow's design was derived from a palette of paint smears that seemed to form the shape that he would end up having.
  • It is unknown what type of dog breed Col. Bow Wow is supposed to be. However, his anatomy is more closely associated with a buffalo.
  • Despite being a dog, Col. Bow Wow actually talks; this is because of a dialogue assignment in the Character Creation class where this character was made.