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Com 50 is an original spy character created for the film Com 50. He has become a popular Mustache Maniacs Film Co. character, starring in three more films. He was going to be revived for the game Com 50 Covert Operations: The Interactive Adventure, but that project has since been cancelled.

Physical Description

Com 50 has short, clean cut hair and an agile build. He wears a dark jumpsuit that can blend into dark corners. While at CIA headquarters, he wears his standard uniform and hangs his ID from a lanyard hanging around his neck.


Com 50 is a brave secret agent, able to take down hordes of Cal Pada guards, blow up an enemy base, then slip away without anyone noticing. He has also lead teams on certain missions as well, but he has been known to over-delegate tasks to his teammates. Regardless, he is brave and strong-willed. In 2010, he retired from active duty, instead focusing on training newer recruits like Kendra Newmore.



  • Com 50 is named after Andrew Bermudez's former LEGO Club username, Com50. It has since changed to Com161.
  • The ID that Com 50 wears in the Com 50 films is actually a Spy University ID re-purposed for the films.
  • The concept of creating an original secret agent character dates back to 2002, back when the LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg Movie Maker Set was still in use. It is unknown how the concept was handled at that time.
  • According to the Com 50 films, Com 50 is a CIA agent. However, on several pieces of promotional material, including the board game Mustache Maniacs-opoly, Com 50's home base at the CIA is referred to as "Com 50's HQ." The reasons for this are unknown.