Commander is Com 50's superior chief in the Com 50 saga who always gives Com 50 his missions. He is a very direct commander, who typically gives Com 50 his orders in person.

Com 50 3 01

Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Commander has a very plain, clean-shaven face with short brown hair. He typically dresses in plain, light clothes.

Characteristics Edit

Commander is a very pragmatic leader in Com 50's missions. While he trusts Com 50 enough to let him work independently in the field, Commander also believes in giving Com 50 his orders directly, instead of delegating the task to someone else. However, he likes to work on his own terms, preferring to not let anyone disturb him while on break.

Trivia Edit

  • This character is named Commander because he has no canonical name.
  • During the development process for Com 50 Covert Operations: The Interactive Adventure, this character was planned to be featured during the opening training exercises that would teach players how to play the game.
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