Count Werdna is the vampire that appears in the film Forest of Fear. He is cunning and deceitful, luring tourists like Leo and Mary into his funeral home to suck their blood. When no one is visiting, his only company is his caretaker Torgo.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Count Werdna's silhouette is formed mainly by the giant aristocratic cape that he wears on his back, with swept-back and spiked hair finishing his outline. His skin is ghostly white, with big red eyes and a thin smile with sharp and long canine teeth for facial features. He wears an aristocratic suit, with a black dining jacket partially covering his dark red outfit that looks like an older style. His pants are plain black.

Characteristics Edit

Count Werdna is a cunning vampire that will use the denseness of the surrounding forest to lure guests in so that he may suck their blood. Over 200 years ago, he was an European aristocrat that was ambushed in the dead of night by Lord Vampyre, forever transforming Werdna into a vampire. He eventually came to the United States, where he established his funeral home so that he may live off of the living. The only mortals that he spares are his caretakers, such as Torgo.

Trivia Edit

  • Count Werdna's name is the first name of Forest of Fear director Andrew Bermudez spelled backwards.
  • Count Werdna's design is exactly the same as the vampire from the LEGO Studios Monster Madness sets.
  • Originally, Count Werdna was going to live in a castle, but this was later changed to the funeral home.
  • Originally, this character was going to be Dracula.
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