Cromwell Powell is a secondary character from the film Solarum and is the main antagonist from the film Clone. He is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Solarum Industries and is the one who ordered the implementation of the Solarum Micro Chips.

Physical Description

Cromwell Powell is a very plain character, with a simple smile on his face, short black hair, a blue suit and tie, and black pants.


Despite his plain appearance, Cromwell Powell is a devious man who directly reports to Baron Typhonus. His motives are unclear, but he is the one responsible for weaponizing Solarum's devices. On the company's board of directors, he is the Chief Operating Officer.



  • Cromwell Powell is distantly related to Ulysses S. Powell through Ulysses' brother William Powell.
  • Cromwell Powell was originally created just for Solarum. His cameos in both Clone and Legends of the Universe were added later, which led to him becoming the main antagonist for The Pen.
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