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Dan Brown is one of the supporting characters in Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo and is the real-life best-selling author of the book The Da Vinci Code. He is depicted as being knowledgeable, but irritated by his fanboy, Johnny Thunder.

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Dan Brown, as seen in the Johnny Thunder Saga, wears a dark gray suit with a tweed jacket and a pair of dark tan pants. His hair is brown and he has no facial hair. In his redesign, he wears a light brown knit coat and brown pants.

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Dan Brown is depicted as an inquisitive author who has more of a fondness for research in libraries than outdoor adventures. He is always looking for inspiration for new stories, but is irritated that World-Famous adventurer Johnny Thunder drools over him like a puppy.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

As mentioned, Dan Brown is a real-life author who wrote the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code. His writings mainly focus upon legends and conspiracies in the Western Hemisphere and usually have stories framed in a 24-hour time period. For more information, please see the External Links section below.

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  • For Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo: The Adventure Retold, this character was redesigned to better match his real-life likeness, though company policies regarding redesigns required that his face remain the same.
  • Since the beginning of Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo was modeled after The Da Vinci Code, this character was added as a way to pay tribute to the film's inspiration.
  • This character was also introduced to begin a aborted recurring theme that was planned for the Johnny Thunder Saga: that one real-life person accompany Johnny Thunder and the Adventurers on each adventure. The real-life person planned to fill this roll in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile was Zahi Hawass, but the producers were concerned about this practice, resulting in the character of Hiram Aziz and the ending of this practice.

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