Dash Justice is the main protagonist of the animated Alpha Team-based films Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle and Alpha Team: Mission Deep City. He is cocky, but is willing to do his best for the team. He originated in the 2001 LEGO Alpha Team product line and 2000 LEGO Alpha Team video game.

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Dash wears a headset over his stubble, which rests below his cocky grin. His eyes are dark, with big eyebrows right above them. He sports a brown flat top and a blue jumpsuit featuring the Alpha Team Logo. On this suit, he has a variety of pockets, pouches, canisters for gadgets, and a belt. A soft pattern forms its way down his pants.


As the leader of Alpha Team, Dash Justice is a very cocky and confident leader, always trusting his instinct and knowledge of Ogel to get himself and his team through their mission. While this can cause disputes with some of the other agents, his leadership skills always lead Alpha Team through.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.Edit

Dash Justice first started out as a video game character in 2000 for the game LEGO Alpha Team, a spy building adventure that allows the player to build contraptions to help the team stop Ogel. A year later, he first appeared in minifigure form in the LEGO Alpha Team sets. From 2001 through 2004, he appeared in a total of six sets.

In addition to this, Dash has also appeared in a wide variety of online games, including the comic adventures Evil Music and Into the Deep. In recent years, Dash will occasionally appear on promotional images for LEGO's online shop.


  • According to an interview with game designer and animator Doug Wolf, Dash is a caricature of LEGO executive producer Tom Gillo.
  • The film variation of Dash combines the designs for the 2001 and 2002 versions of this character.
  • He loves to relax on the beach.


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