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Diamond Tooth is Alpha Team's drill sergeant and is responsible for training new recruits. He is unrelenting and boisterous, expecting nothing less than perfection from his trainees. He originated in the LEGO Alpha Team product line as a secondary agent.

Physical Description

Diamond Tooth typically wears a black Alpha Team jumpsuit, with an orange right sleeve and orange climbing straps strapped across his chest. He also wears a black bean hat atop his head. He has thick stubble across his chin, a silver headset hanging down across his left cheek, and a pair of long, narrow sunglasses. He has dark brown hair.

Whenever he is out securing new recruits, he wears a black tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a black tie underneath.


Diamond Tooth is a tough-as-nails, perfectionist drill sergeant who expects nothing but the best from his trainees, as he thinks that nothing less than perfection should be expected from Alpha Team. This has led to some conflicts with Dash over whether or not new recruits are ready, but Dash appreciates his dedication to perfection.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Diamond Tooth was introduced as a new agent in the 2004 LEGO Alpha Team sets. He only appeared in one set: 4744 Tundra Tracker and featured an appearance more similar to Crunch, including a green sleeve. He was not given much personality, and is only mentioned as being the agent that frees Radia from a block of ice.



  • This character's design in the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Alpha Team films was not the original design for this character. Instead, this character looked more like Crunch, but with sunglasses. When Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle was first being written, this character took the 2004 design for Flex (who retained his 2002 look) and the original Diamond Tooth design was given to Gearbox, an agent that is mentioned once in the official story material, but never actually appeared.
  • Since this character had no real personality in the official story, he was easily adapted into being the team's drill sergeant.

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