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Dove Parker is the mother of John "Six Shots" Parker and the late William "Billy the Kid" Parker. She is the main ranch-hand on Riding Crop Ranch and makes a brief appearance in Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dove Parker has simple black eyes with eyelashes and small lips on her face. Her hair is brown and is commonly seen in the style of a ponytail. She wears a plain white shirt with pockets and black pants.


Not much is revealed about this character, but it is known that she is logical-minded, just like her son John. She is also willing to do dirty work on the ranch, as she is seen getting ready to slaughter a goat.


  • Dove Parker is named after Dove Rawlins, a character from the never-released film Ghost Pictures.
  • She has a husband, named Alfred Parker, who was originally going to appear in the film. However, only this character of the two made it into the final cut.
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