Dr. Charles Kilroy is one of Johnny Thunder's friends and close associates in the Johnny Thunder Saga. He is old and likes to share his knowledge, causing him to talk too much. He is thoughtful and excitable and first appeared in the 1998 LEGO Adventurers sets.

Physical Description

Dr. Kilroy wears round glasses on his face, along with white facial hair. He wears a white pith helmet on top of his head. Usually, he wears a white suit with red bowtie, with a black belt running around his waist. His pants are green.

When in jungle environments, he puts a green vest over his shirt, which features a contour-based pattern. In cold climates, he wears a gray jacket over his white shirt. In addition to this, he also wears brown gloves and swaps out his green pants for black.


Dr. Kilroy is a very concerned, but excitable, scientist who is always willing to help out Johnny and his friends. He especially feels a strong connection to Johnny, as Dr. Kilroy also knew his father, Daniel Thunder, as a friend. He is getting old, but is always willing to help out.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Dr. Kilroy started out as a scientist character in the 1998 Adventurers LEGO sets. He, along with Johnny and Pippin, appeared in all four waves of sets, with the last one released in 2003.

In addition to LEGO sets, Dr. Kilroy also has appeared in Adventurers merchandise, in the puzzle books The Curse of the Mummy and The Lost Temple, in the video games LEGO RacersLEGO Racers 2LEGO Island 2, and LEGO Soccer Mania, in the Lost Kingdom Adventure dark ride at the LEGOLAND theme parks, in the party game TreasureQuest, and in Adventurers online games.



  • According to LEGO Island 2, Dr. Kilroy is good friends with the Infomaniac and is prone to heat exposure.
  • When Johnny and Pippin were redesigned in 2003, Dr. Kilroy was left the same.
  • His alternate names include Dr. Charles Lightning and Prof. Articus.
  • During development for Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo, Dr. Kilroy was given the first name of Charles, as a tribute to one of his alternate names.
  • Originally, Dr. Kilroy's lectures were added to make the Johnny Thunder Saga educational. However, feedback on these lectures came back very negative, though they had become a part of his character. Now, they have become a running joke.


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