Dr. Henrietta William is a scientist at the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis and is the narrator of Attack of the Fifty-Foot Hamster. She is calm, a little playful, and serious about her work.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Dr. Henrietta William has long, dark brown hair running behind her body, a pleasant expression with a small birthmark, and red lips. She wears gray pants, a white lab coat, and an orange undershirt. An ID lanyard is slung around her neck.

Characteristics Edit

Dr. Henrietta William is a usually calm person, though she has had some frantic moments when a situation gets too far out of hand. She likes to have a little fun, but she always keeps it in moderation with her work, which she is dedicated to. She is also too trusting of all those around her, which has led to its fair share of both problems and benefits.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, this character was going to be a male scientist named Dr. Henry William. When allegations of Mustache Maniacs Film Co. skewing its cast towards males re-surfaced, and when Teresa Bermudez requested this part under contract, this character was changed to female.
  • Many parts of this character's design come from the LEGO Ideas Research Institute set.
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