Dr. Hiram Aziz is one of the secondary characters in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile. He is a famed Egyptologist who was not only able to identify the mummy of Pharaoh Hotep, but also was able to discover the previously-unknown tomb featured in The Lost Ruby: An Interactive Adventure.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Dr. Hiram Aziz dresses in a blue jacket with gray pants, which later become white. He has a simple face with a smirk and large eyebrows, and he wears a fedora atop his head that was initially brown, but is now tan.

Characteristics Edit

Dr. Hiram Aziz is a famed and celebrated Egyptologist who has been able to identify several mummies of high status and has written several celebrated papers on Ancient Egypt. He is extremely rational, only believing what has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be true, and prefers museum work over field work, though he will go out into the field if he has to. He despises the Egyptian Black Market, seeing it only as a way to exploit tourism at the expense of history.

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