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Drone Commander 13666, originally known as Mr. Bones, is a drone who appears in Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle. He is Ogel's second-in-command in leading his drone forces.

Physical Description

Drone Commander 13666 is dressed in the standard red and black uniform for most drones, including red epaulets and a black military cap. He is visually distinguished from lower-ranking drones by the badge on his chest, marking him as a commander. His white skull face bears a slight smirk and glowing red eyes.


Drone Commander 13666 is the loyal second-in-command of his master, Ogel, and he leads his fellow drones. He is cunning enough to lay a trap for the Alpha Team, and successfully forces the team to surrender by outnumbering them with drones and weapons.

Although Drone Commander 13666 is identified by a number designation like other drones, his counterpart in Dimension 201 is given the unique name of "Mr. Bones". Mr. Bones is intelligent enough to learn not to speak about Ogel's plans out loud, just in case Alpha Team had bugged their room. As one of Ogel's head drones, he was trusted to keep in contact with Arrow, who was planted as a spy in Alpha Team.



  • Drone Commander 13666's identification number combines 13, which is commonly viewed as an unlucky number, and 666, the number of the beast.
  • "Mr. Bones" was the name of Ogel's second-in-command in some Alpha Team-based stories by Andrew Bermudez. This name has since changed to "Drone Commander 13666" when the character made his debut in the current Official Cinematic Universe, although the early stories have since been canonized as taking place in Dimension 201.
  • In Chapter 2: Depression and Anger of the story Because Of You by PeabodySam, a Super Skeleton Drone identified as D-13666 appears in Timeline 1958-C, where it serves General Evil and Lady Evil. D-13666's designation is a direct reference to Drone Commander 13666, as one of the story's multiple homages to Mustache Maniacs Film Co. canon.