Eius Draco is a minor character in Legends of the Universe, DINO Attack: Saga of a Conflict, and in his original appearance, DINO Attack RPG. He is a sneaky XERRD agent that was hired by "The Englishman" to help take down XERRD and help DINO Attack Team win the Dino Attack War so that a future plot could unfold.

Character Details Edit

  • Film Credits: Legends of the Universe (not yet released)
  • Character Role: Extra
  • Actor: n/a
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical Description Edit

This character has a navy blue, silver, and black body suit that protects his body from the elements. He wears a black gas mask with a dark gray visor and a red Solarum Industries hard hat. He wears a gray balaclava over his face. A pair of oxygen tanks are strapped onto his back.

Characteristics Edit

Eius Draco is a "mercenary spy" who was hired by a man only known as "The Englishman" to make sure that events in the universe happen in accordance with his master's plans. Because he has a weak immune system and is therefore prone to catching illnesses, he wears a specialized gas mask that filters the air around him to minimize the number of germs and pathogens that enter his body. He is a powerful adversary in combat and a ruthless emissary for his employers. He is intelligent and cunning, but also very secretive and never reveals more about himself than he feels is necessary. He has a light Irish accent and is known for speaking in an eloquent and refined manner.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Eius Draco started out as a minor character in DINO Attack RPG, where he serves the same role that he has in Legends of the Universe. However, as he is a very minor character, few details are ironed out about him in the RPG. He was intended to have a much larger role in BZPower member that guy from that show's unfinished Dino Attack RPG sequel, a fanfic based upon the 2012 LEGO theme Dino.

Trivia Edit

  • During rewrites for Legends of the Universe, this character was introduced to replace alternate-dimension Ulysses S. Powell, who had just been cut from the film.
  • According to the information that exists for this character, the plot that he was hired to set into motion began in 2012. In accordance with the official Mustache Maniacs Film Co. canon, this would be 2012 in Dimension 525, but 2021 in the main dimension (the two dimensions have a 9-year time misalignment). With the on-going changes in scheduling, this has effected the releases of future Project U films (Legends of the Universe is expected to now have a release closer to 2025-2030).

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