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"If you're lying, I'll skewer you and roast your liver!"
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Non-Canon The subject of this article is not canonical to Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s official cinematic universe.

Farmer John is the main antagonist in the Freddy and Joey story line. He operates the only farm in the Mulberry Forest and hates forest animals. He has a pet guard dog named Dover the Dog.

Physical Description

Farmer John has a skinny head with stubble on his chin. He wears a flat straw hat on top of this head. He wears a plaid farmer's shirt with slight collar and long pants. He has a belt to hold his pants up, and his knees slightly stick up from underneath his pants. He wears over-sized shoes with bulbous toe ends, looking almost like clown shoes.


Farmer John is a cranky man who hates any wildlife that might destroy his crop or livestock. He is determined to rid the surrounding forest of its invading animals, just so he can get a good harvest. His guard dog, Dover the Dog, is just as attentive as his master, though Farmer John can be more relentless.



  • Farmer John, along with most of the cast for Freddy and Joey, originated in several bedtime stories told by Al Bermudez.
  • Farmer John is named after the Farmer John brand of food products sold by the Hormel Food Corporation.
  • In some of the Freddy and Joey stories, it is mentioned that Farmer John has a family. However, since the Freddy and Joey series was cancelled, they never appeared on-screen.
  • Despite evidence to prove otherwise, Farmer John and his family are not the only human characters in the world of Freddy and Joey. Another human character, Ranger Robert, was conceived for the series. However, since the series was cancelled, he never appeared on-screen.