Flex is an Alpha Team agent and a supporting character in the films Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle and Alpha Team: Mission Deep City. He is most defined by his giant smile and optimistic attitude, which lightens even the most dire of missions for the team.

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Flex is a very happy agent, as he always has a giant grin on his face. He wears a black helmet with a head mic and yellow visor attached and a black jumpsuit, complete with an orange accent, the Alpha Team logo, a rope slung across his chest, gray gloves, and gray pockets on his legs. He has red hair.

Characteristics Edit

Always optimistic, Flex is the team's ropes expert and, when not on a mission, culinary specialist. He loves making jokes, sometimes against Cam's will, and can lighten even the toughest mission with one of his gags or puns. Despite this, he is still just as brave and dedicated as any member of the team.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Flex started out as a character in the video game LEGO Alpha Team. There, he used a wide variety of rope-related devices, including rope-pulling see-saws and rope-powered motors.

A year later, he appeared in the LEGO Alpha Team product line, serving the same role that he had in the game. In the first set that included him, 6774 Alpha Team ATV, he could use a winch and catapult to help complete missions. In the end, he appeared in a total of four sets.

Outside of the theme, he only appeared occasionally in LEGO magazine, including the 2001 holiday crossover comic.

Trivia Edit

  • The original version of this character in the sets did not have a visor as part of his helmet. However, director Andrew Bermudez had the visor added in order to give the helmet a futuristic look and to balance out the black jumpsuit.
  • While some sources say that his smile is permanently frozen in place, this is not regarded as canon.
  • In 2004, Flex was drastically changed, losing his smile and gaining suspenders, shades, and stubble. For Alpha Team: Mission Deep Jungle, this design was assigned to Diamond Tooth.
  • Dylan Johnson, who plays this character, also played this character in Elizabeth Scarheart's Alpha Team videos.

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