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"If you're lying, I'll skewer you and roast your liver!"
-Sarah Huffington, Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen
Non-Canon The subject of this article is not canonical to Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s official cinematic universe.

Frederick the Frog is Freddy and Joey's mailman in the Freddy and Joey series of stories. He appears in the series' teaser delivering the mail.

Physical Description

Frederick the Frog walks upright, with a cane holding him up in a bipedal position. His skin is bright green, his eyes sit atop his wide head, and his arms and legs are slender. He wears a bright red postman's uniform with a dark red pocket.


While no information is revealed about this character in the Freddy and Joey Teaser, he has been described as being of service. He delivers the mail on foot, preferring to deliver the mail directly to the recipient.



  • Frederick the Frog was never in any of the original Freddy and Joey stories. Instead, he was created specifically for the animated shorts.
  • While he was created for the animated shorts, no production documents state which of the planned short films he would have appeared in, if any at all.