Gangster Phil "Folio" Byrd is the main protagonist of the film The Kingfisher. He is a direct man who likes to deal with things himself.

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Character Details Edit

Physical Description Edit

Gangster Folio Byrd dresses in an all-black suit with a black fedora and black pants. His suit is highlighted with white stripes, a while handkerchief, and a white neck tie. He wears a thin mustache and thick eyebrows and usually has a devilish grin.

Before becoming a gangster, Phil wore a blue suit with sand blue pants and a red baseball cap. While he had his mustache and thick eyebrows, he looked more solemn.

Characteristics Edit

Gangster Folio Byrd is a very direct man who likes to deal with things personally, even if he already has witness protection. He is able to outsmart his opponents and work any deal to his advantage. He will not think twice about killing or back-stabbing, just to get ahead in the underground world of LEGO City's crime network. Because of this, he is now a strong adversary of police officer Chase McCain.

Trivia Edit

  • Gangster Folio Byrd was originally created for Legends of the Universe. When THAC 12 arrived, this seemingly minor character was grabbed from that film as the focus of The Kingfisher.
  • When he gained control of the mafia, he became owner of the Phoenix Casino, a location created just for Legends of the Universe.
  • Originally, this character was just called Gangster.
  • This character's design is exactly the same as the Gangster collectible minifigure.
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