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Hall of Extinction is a museum that appears at the end of New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable. It was added to suggest the fall of mankind, in order to emphasize the film's moral message.


Despite the fact that it was quickly added to the film to make the moral clear, a deep history was created to support the location.

After the rise of an oppressive oligarchy in the near future, they demanded that the Earth's resources be used up to their will. They worked the world's population to the ground, not knowing what they were doing.

As the effects of this overuse of Earth's resources began to take its toll on the planet's wildlife, a scientist by the name of Dr. Robert Nicholas decided that a museum needed to be established that would commemorate the animals of the past, in order to warn future generations of what their work was doing. With that, the Hall of Extinction was born. However, it did nothing in stopping the overuse of resources. As more animals died, their remains were added to the hall.

Eventually, all of the animals and plants on Earth died, turning the world into a desolate wasteland. Some people tried to cope with the new conditions, but it was no use. Eventually, as Robert Nicholas predicted, humanity's exploitation of Earth's resources turned back on them, forcing them to extinction. The museum now sits abandoned, with only a dead guard to preside over the main hall.

Characters of Residency

The following characters are commonly found in the Hall of Extinction.



  • In early versions of New Friends ~ An Environmental Fable, the only part of the Hall of Extinction that was shown was Papa Dodo in the display case.
  • The company name that is on the dead guard's flashlight is Solarum, meaning that it's solar-powered. This was added early on in the film, in order to explain why a flashlight would still work long after the apocalypse. In the final film, the glow effect was never added.
  • Originally, more animals, including animals extinct in the present day, were going to be added.
  • To add depth, the hall is actually three picture planes in 3-D space.
  • The Hall of Extinction banner was aged so that it could be read as "All Extinct."