Heart of Osiris is the main treasure that Johnny Thunder and the adventurers are seeking in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile. The treasure has the power to bring the recently-deceased back to life.


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The Heart of Osiris was originally a lost "seventh" treasure of Amset-Ra, empowered to raise the dead, that was never given to the tyrant Pharaoh out of fear that its power would be abused. Still, not knowing what it could do, Amset-Ra added it to his treasure pile. After that, it bounced around to different temples in Egypt before Pharaoh Ramses III, fearing for his own life, had the gem sealed away inside Abu Simbel and another gem, Re-Gou, created as an identical decoy.

In 1924, Jake Raines, as part of his rise to fame, discovered the legends surrounding the Heart of Osiris. He contemplated searching for the treasure himself, but when he got caught up in the life of Archibald Hale, forgot about this treasure. The documents related to the legend were then carefully cataloged.

In 2010, after finding the map to the Heart of Osiris on Ramses III's mummy, Hiram Aziz called Johnny Thunder to Egypt, where he embarked upon a quest to locate the artifact. He successfully located the treasure, then proved to the world that the gem really did have the power to raise the dead.

In 2012, Ulysses S. Powell, testing a time machine for his employer, Dr. Cyber, traveled to Ancient Egypt and stole the gem, thereby altering the timeline of events. Deciding to save Pippin's life, he traveled back to 2010 and returned the Heart of Osiris to Abu Simbel, allowing the adventurers to find it.

After it was found, the Heart of Osiris was put on display. First, a special exhibition was held in LEGO City before it found its permanent home at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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Being made in the same vein as the six treasures of Amset-Ra, the Heart of Osiris has the power to raise the dead. There are, however, two restrictions to the gem's power: the body being raised must be recently-deceased and the power inside diminishes very quickly unless it is recharged in its original resting place.

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