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Jake Raines is a globe-trotting treasure hunter and the hero of the film Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra. He originally appeared in the LEGO Pharaoh's Quest product line.

Physical Description

Jake Raines has a head of disheveled black hair that connects to his sideburns, stubble, and goatee. He does not have a mustache, but does have thick black eyebrows and a thin scar on his left cheek that he received during a battle in World War 1.

He wears a white collared shirt, which is usually covered by a tan coat, a brown belt, and a brown bandoleer. His pants are a dusty dark tan. Sometimes, especially when he is piloting an aircraft, he also wears a brown flight jacket, along with a brown aviator helmet.

When he is in his Australian Light Horse Infantry fatigues, he wears a dark tan uniform with brown pants and a brown slouch hat.


Jake Raines is a very charismatic and daring globe-trotting treasure hunter. In the archaeological business more for the fame and money than the actual historical significance of his finds, he's willing to charge head-first into almost any dangerous situation. He doesn't believe in curses or in any supernatural occurrences, but if he does run into anything beyond what he can comprehend, he usually charges in first and comprehends the situation later. He is also loyal to his associates, Mac McCloud and Helena Skvalling.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

Jake Raines started out as the hero of the LEGO Pharaoh's Quest product line, the theme that the film Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra is based upon. Just like in the film, Jake Raines is a world-famous adventurer who doesn't believe in curses or ancient prophecies, though that naturally changes in light of the theme's subject matter. In total, he appeared in five of the theme's six wide-release sets, two small polybag sets, and in two board games as a microfigure.

While this character's appearances faded away with the theme's discontinuation in 2012, Jake Raines has since appeared in the LEGOLAND Hotel's adventure-themed rooms on the room's wall art. In this appearance, however, he unusually wears a slouch hat, similar to the one worn by Johnny Thunder.



  • Since the film Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra has a story that is very similar to its source material, Jake Raines' personality is lifted almost verbatim from the LEGO theme.
  • He is a World War 1 veteran, as seen in the Battle of Beersheba in Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra.
  • Despite commonly being compared to Johnny Thunder by LEGO fans, director Andrew Bermudez always viewed this character as being a foil to Johnny Thunder in order to explore how archaeology has evolved in the past 100 years. According to pre-production notes for Pharaoh's Quest: The Curse of Amset-Ra, if Jake Raines were alive in the present day, his morality would be viewed more in line with Lord Sam Sinister or Slyboots than Johnny Thunder, since Jake cares more about money and fame than real historical value.

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