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Jing Lee is a martial artist and a major character in Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. While she initially appears to be Chang Wu's second-in-command, she turns out to be an agent working for Mao Zedong III who is working to stop Chang Wu. She originally appeared in the 2003 LEGO Orient Expedition sets.

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Jing Lee has black hair styled into a ponytail, narrow eyes, thick eyebrows, and pink lips. She wears a green shirt that features yellow embroidery and Mandarin characters and wears plain red pants.


Jing Lee is a stoic martial artist and agent who worked to stop Chang Wu as a means to avenge her father, who was shot for opposing Chang Wu's rule over the city of Xi'an. Although she is technically a member of the Chinese army, she is able to go undercover and blend in seamlessly with Chang Wu's personal staff.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.Edit

Jing Lee started out as a character in the 2003 LEGO Orient Expedition product line. There, she was a freedom fighter, working to bring down the rule of Chang Wu, the false emperor. She eventually succeeds in her mission and helps the adventurers locate and remove the Golden Dragon.

She only appeared in two sets: 7419 Dragon Fortress and the promotional polybag 3382 Jing Lee the Wanderer, with the latter set only containing this minifigure. However, Jing Lee also appeared as a keychain and in the Orient Expedition online comics.



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