Joe Dillard is the identity of the victim in the story Museum Mystery Revisited. He was a young security guard at the LEGO City Museum of Natural History before being murdered by impalement.

Character Details Edit

  • Film Credits: n/a
  • Character Role: Victim
  • Actor: n/a
  • Character Sex: Male

Physical Description Edit

No images of this character exist, as his only appearance is in the story Museum Mystery Revisited.

Characteristics Edit

While not many details are revealed about Joe, it is confirmed that he was an aspiring young night guard who wanted to move up the social ladder as fast as he could. He wanted to get into law enforcement, but his career ended when he was killed by being impaled with a Spartan Javelin during the heist of the Gale's Eye Diamond.

Trivia Edit

  • This character was originally created for the story Museum Mystery. Museum Mystery Revisited is a re-writing of the old story.
  • When Johnny Thunder is coming up with an excuse for Digalot to stay behind in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile, he mentions this character's name.
  • In the original story, this character is only referred to as Night Guard Joe. However, an exchange of dialogue in Johnny Thunder and the Gift of the Nile reveals that Joe Dillard is this character's full name.
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