John "Six Shots" Parker is one of Lord Sam Sinister's henchmen in the [[::Category:Animation|animated]] [[::Category:Movies|film]] Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients. He is the brother of henchman William "Billy the Kid" Parker and lives with his parents, Alfred and Dove Parker, on Riding Crop Ranch.

Physical Description

John Parker wears various shades of brown, with dark brown pants, gloves, and bandoleer, dusty brown fedora and riding coat, and a tan shirt. He also wears a belt with an emblem of a bull on the buckle. He is slightly dingy and has brown hair, eyebrows, sideburns, and stubble. He is usually seen smirking.


John Parker is just as skilled of a ranch hand as his brother, William "Billy the Kid" Parker. However, he does not take the cowboy side of his brother as seriously, being more practical-minded. He is quick with a gun, but has trouble hitting moving targets. He can also quickly get bored with routine. According to the Tales of the Adventurers comics, John Parker joined Lord Sinister's gang when he rescued Lord Sinister and Patrick from being stranded out in the Egyptian Desert.



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