Jun-Chi is a giant lion-dog statue from Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo that is housed beneath the Dragon Fortress. Chang Wu brings the statue to life to fend off the Chinese army. It first appeared in LEGO's Orient Expedition product line.


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Jun-Chi is almost all red, with only a blue necklace, white eyes, blue mustache, white teeth, and blue eyebrows breaking up the monochrome skin. His arms and legs, however, are entirely black.

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Jun-Chi is a powerful statue that, when brought to life, is relentless in obeying the orders of the one that bestows life upon it. While the Gem of Fire is in existence, Jun-Chi is completely indestructible. Only by breaking the Gem of Fire will Jun-Chi be destroyed.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Edit

Jun-Chi was first introduced in LEGO's 2003 Orient Expedition product line, where he lurks underneath the Dragon Fortress, scaring both heroes and villains alike. however, the legend of the Shisa, which inspired Jun-Chi, dates back much further.

The Shisa originates from Okinawan mythology, where a Shisa figurine was said to have been used to protect the village of Madanbashi from a sea dragon that was said to destroy parts of the town.

Shisa are often displayed in pairs; one with an open mouth to scare away evil spirits and one with a closed mouth to keep in good spirits.

Trivia Edit

  • Jun-Chi's legs waddle from side to side because they are immobile on the figure.
  • Jun-Chi is built the exact same way as Yeti and Tygurah, where a large torso and head sleeve covers the body construction.
  • Many sources erroneously refer to Jun-Chi as a Foo Dog, or Chinese guardian lion. However, the official character description provided by LEGO states that this character is half lion and half dog, making it a Shisa, and the official canon upholds this description.
  • Jun-Chi's roar is a distorted, composite roar selected by Andrew Bermudez for its unearthly sound.

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