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LEGO City is the main city where many of Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s brickfilm [[::Category:Characters|characters]] live and where the various Legoman films take place. While it used to be called Legotown, it has since assumed the new name and appearance of the city from LEGO City Undercover, though many of the older locations still exist in the city.

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No fleshed-out canon history exists for LEGO City at the moment, but it is known that the town was founded in 1891 and that the current mayor is Mayor Gleeson. Sometime in the early 20th century, gold was discovered and subsequently mined in Bluebell National Park, resulting in the city's drastic growth.

Characters of Residency

The following characters are commonly found in LEGO City.



The following locations are part of LEGO City.

Albatross Island

Home to LEGO City's most wanted, Albatross Island is the city's prison.

Apollo Island

Home to Space Port, Apollo Island is the center of space exploration missions in the city. It was first featured in Late for the Soccer Match, where Peter Whitman can either ride the test shuttle or the centrifuge.


This is the city's harbor and warehouse district and is also the home of the Bradford Rant Institute of Cosmic Kinesis. Inland from this area is the city's housing community.

Bluebell National Park

The park where the Winter Village, Forest Police Station, and Bluebell Mine are located, Bluebell National Park is a heavily-forested area of the city. During the winter months, this area becomes frequented by snowboarders and skiers.

Bright Lights Plaza

A center of festivity, Bright Lights Plaza is home to the Uptown Shopping Center and Entertainment District. Its central landmark is a statue of Atlas holding up the Earth and is the home of the Palace Cinema, home of The Second Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Fan Choice Awards.

Cherry Tree Hills

Acting as a border between the main city and suburbia, Cherry Tree Hills is the home of LEGO City's upper and middle class residents, as well as the Legotown Police Station, Dan K. Donuts, and Grand Emporium. A train station for loading and unloading cargo, as well as a passenger train station, can also be found here.

Crescent Park

This is the city's main park and it the site of the city's annual county fair and sports events. This is the home of the Hot Shots' soccer stadium and the city's zoo. No major roads go through this area, though one underpass goes underneath the outskirts of the park.


This is the home of many of the city's major facilities and businesses, as well as the city's central bank.

Festival Square

This area is home to Mercy Hearts Hospital, the facility that Natalia Kowalski works at, as well as the fire station.

Fort Meadows

Generally considered an extension of Bluebell National Park, Fort Meadows is home to the farm that Jethro Hayes owns, along with a swampy delta that extends to the sea. Parkington Manor, also the home of the Legocave, is also located here, along with the Cornival Fun Center.


A loose re-creation of Venice, Italy, Fresco is the home of Vinne Pappalardo's Ice Cream Parlor.

King's Court

An area of the city. City hall is located here.

Lady Liberty Island

An island modeled after the Statue of Liberty.

LEGO City Airport

As it name suggests, LEGO City Airport is the city's airport, both for cargo and passenger flights. It is an international airport and the only real place that Harry Cane calls home.


An area of the city. Chan's Salvage Yard and Limousine Service is located here.

Paradise Sands

The beachfront of the city, Paradise Sands is the home of the Honey Hotel Corporation's first and largest hotel, along with Carnival Pier, where thrill-seeking residents can take a spin on the roller coaster Orion's Rockets or a number of other rides. Rumor has it that there is a shipwreck off the coast of this area.


Uptown is home to the Legotown Museum, along with World Magazine Headquarters and several other facilities. A major thoroughfare connects this area to LEGO City Airport.

Before Mustache Maniacs Film Co.

While it has gone through many different versions, the current version of LEGO City originated from the video game LEGO City Undercover. In its prequel, LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins, the city is much smaller because, according to the game's story, the city is still under construction. However, official Mustache Maniacs Film Co. canon disregards this detail.


  • In Late for the Soccer Match, Peter Whitman gets to Apollo Island via a trolley, which makes no sense in terms of geography and security. The canon explanation for this is that the trolley used to travel to the island via an acrylic underwater tunnel, when Apollo Island served a different purpose. When the island became Space Port, the line was closed, but was not dismantled until 2013. The fact that Peter Whitman took that line was a matter of an error on part of a construction worker that was prepping the track for removal.
  • According to Mustache Maniacs Film Co. canon, LEGO City is on the west coast of the United States. However, this means that the canon map is technically upside-down and that Uptown and Downtown are incorrectly named.


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