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Legoman is a crime-fighting superhero from the films The Adventures of Legoman and A Friend of the Police. He does not have any superpowers, but does have a wide arsenal of gadgets at his disposal, including the Lego Cuff Launcher and the Instant Rope Untie Spray. He was originally created for stories written by Andrew Bermudez, who would later direct the films he appeared in. His real name is Theodore Parkington.

Physical Description

Legoman has a simple happy expression on his face with a simple mustache. A red mask covers his eyes and he sports a brown flat top (later changed to slightly messy black hair). He has an enormous red cape behind his jumpsuit, which is white on the torso with a red brick image. His pants were initially red, but were later changed to black.

As Theodore Parkington, he wears a top hat on his head and wears a tan aristocratic suit. His pants are gray.


Legoman is a virtuous superhero who is determined to bring LEGO City's worst criminals to justice. He is not always trusted by the police force, but has proved his worth to those he has worked with, such as Captain Bill Stewart and Chase McCain. He does not have any super powers, but does have a wide arsenal of gadgets. His arch nemesis is Brickzo the Clown, but he has wrangled with other villains, such as Questions.



  • This character is modeled after Batman; specifially, he is modeled after the version from the 1960's Batman TV show.
  • Before The Adventures of Legoman, a few films featuring this character were created during the pre-formation era, which are now lost.
  • This character dates as far back as 2002, when the first Legoman stories were written. Although his official debut in the Official Cinematic Universe was 2009, these early stories were later canonized as taking place in Dimension 201.