Legomobile is the personal vehicle that Legoman uses to get around LEGO City and stop crime in its tracks. It was originally created for the Legoman stories, with the current version created for The Adventures of Legoman.


Canon Details Edit

History Edit

The Legomobile is an old concept car that a now-extinct car manufacturer auctioned off when they were liquidating their assets. As no one else wanted the car, Theodore Parkington won the auction, buying the car (which cost $300,000,000 to manufacture) for $5,000.

When Theodore Parkington assumed the identity of Legoman, he hired a mechanic to repair the car and refit it with new features for Theodore's crime-fighting needs.

Functions Edit

The Legomobile's primary function is to transport Legoman around the city. However, the Legomobile also has a variety of functions that allow the vehicle to fight crime. Behind the cockpit, a shield can raise to deflect incoming projectiles from front and behind and exhaust ports at the rear can blast plumes of flame, giving a Legomobile temporary speed boost. The tires are solid rubber, allowing them to roll over rough terrain.

Trivia Edit

  • Before The Adventures of Legoman, the Legomobile had a now-lost design used in the pre-formation era. It featured race car proportions with small tires and sleek slopes.
  • Many of the colors used in the Legomobile mimic Legoman's costume.
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