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Leo Rawlins is the main protagonist in the film Forest of Fear and is the husband to Mary Rawlins. He likes to think of himself as very logical to make up for his naiveness and runs a restaurant in New England.

Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Leo is a very clean man, being clean-shaven with combed brown hair and cheek lines, with thick eyebrows. He wears a light tan jacket with a red tie, tan undercoat, and white undershirt. He has a gold chain hanging out of a pocket and wears tan pants.


Leo is a clueless man who quickly and abruptly dismisses the supernatural as being easy to explain using ordinary tricks. He is very naive, but will try to subdue this trait by thinking of himself as logical, usually getting himself and his wife Mary into trouble. Despite this, he runs their restaurant with ease.


  • Leo uses the same minifigure design as the LEGO Studios gentleman.
  • According to the never-released Black Friday, Leo has a son named Thomas. However, this is not regarded as canon.


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