Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Wiki

Mustache Maniacs Film Co. has made several films since 2004, all of which are listed here. Many of them are available to watch on YouTube, with all of them archived on DVD and/or digitally.

Live Action Films

The following Mustache Maniacs Film Co. films are live action films. While many of them are narrative films, some of them are documentaries or vacation films.

Animated Films

The following Mustache Maniacs Film Co. films are animated films. Some of them were released under the name of the now-defunct Brick Tales branding, while others have been released under the new in-house animation company Drawn to Life Animation, established in 2013. Others have been created in collaboration with CarTOON Shack, with the earliest entries on this list being from the pre-formation era.


The following are Mustache Maniacs Film Co. shows, which feature multiple episodes based around reoccurring themes, or around company history.

  • Mystery Lego Theater 3000 (2007)
  • Studio News (2015-2017)
  • Backstage Showcase (2016-2019)
  • Art Demonstration Show (2017)
  • Our Dead Movies (2018)
  • On The Theme Park Loop (2021)

Unreleased Films

The following Mustache Maniacs Film Co. productions were never released.

Fan Films

The following films were made by Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fans.

  • Johnny Thunder's Big Vacation (2012)
  • Heron Miles and the Vacation of Boredom (2012)
  • The Holiday (2012)
  • Thank You Mustache Maniacs (2012)
  • Northern Illinois (2012)
  • Frantic Antics (2013)
  • The Lightning Fast Pun! (2013)
  • The Parasite Slip Up (2013)
  • Alex and the Lion (2013)
  • A Delicious Example of Human Animal Interaction (2013)
  • A Hunter and His Dog (2013)
  • The Deadly Mission (2013)
  • Lego Wild West (2013)
  • A Poem for Mustache Maniacs (2014)
  • Mustache Maniacs Film Co. E-Card Contest Entry (2014)
  • Happy 10th Anniversary Mustache Maniacs (2014)
  • A Greater Cost (2015)
  • Murder in the Karoo (2015)