Lobo is one of Brickzo the Clown's henchmen in the film The Adventures of Legoman who is big and a brute, but has little brain. He also mans the rubber chicken gun on Brickzo's getaway clown car.


Character DetailsEdit

Physical DescrptionEdit

Lobo is a tough henchman, with an eyepatch sown onto his skin, covering his left eye. He is always angry and has stubble on his face. His hair is black and his pants are a gaudy bright red. He does not wear a shirt, exposing his muscular torso.


Lobo is a dumb henchman who usually uses his fists more than his brain to solve problems. He was once a pro wrestler, but decided to become a crook and join Brickzo's gang. Even though he is dumb, Brickzo still values his brute strength, which is enough to bring down even Legoman.


  • Lobo was added to Brickzo's band of men in response to the popularity of the character of Patrick from Johnny Thunder and the Secret of Marco Polo. The popularity did not carry over to Lobo.
  • Lobo is named after the hulking brute from the Ed Wood movie Bride of the Monster.
  • The voice actor for Lobo, Garrett Schelske, also plays Patrick in the Johnny Thunder films.
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